"Drop Show 4": The origin of art is still living

  The fourth quarter of the "Drop Show Conference" is seven in the country.

  On October 13, the detailed show of Tencent video, Penguin, and lauga culture jointly produced the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, Zhou Qiko lended this season with exquisite performance " The champion of the show, Pang Bo, He Guangzhi won the second and third place. This season’s "Division" is active "Everyone can do five minutes of detachment show", and absorb the "fresh blood" in all walks of life to join the show camp, bringing constant innovation to the audience fresh.

The topic of the players are more rooted in life than the previous quarter, and the reality is closely related, which causes the emotional resonance of the audience to convey the philosophy of "or the most humorous". Cross-border newcomers shine, rich and extravagance of the mouthfuls, the most saying that "everyone can do a five-minute off show", this is also the proposition and characteristics of this season.

Compared with the previous seasons, this year’s proportion of cross-border players increased, such as the traffic police of Shanghai Bund, Huang Jun, cancer science, Dr. Pineapple, street dance host Liao Bo, etc., from all walks of life "The stage sharing the small stories in their work and life, greatly enriched the dimension of the show, and also brings the audience to the new perspective and new vision of life.

  By watching the performances of these cross-border new faces, the audience has also harvested new knowledge while getting happiness, more and more about other industries. After the show broadcast, many viewers who came to the Bund were recognized that Huang Jun and took the initiative to say hello. "Let me move, they have learned about the work of the people’s police through my dislocation show, indicating that our understanding, support and concern. This is also the meaning of I am participating in this" Division ".

"Joining the across new people like Huang, pineapple, not only to enrich the team of the officer, but also set up bridges that communicate and understand the communication between different cultural circles. The content is rooted down, the performance broadens the form of this season" "Slogan" "of the show" is the most humorous. No matter the old, the theme is more close to the real life. For example, the Pompob spit does not understand the new consumption segment, representing a little longer generation of people’s true idea The bird bird said Wu Song’s paragraph, vividly embodied the anxiety and entanglement of the "social terrorism"; Qiu Rui started with his own rental experience, accurately hit the heart of "North drift", causing strong resonance … The show show the show For the observation of life, thinking and sentiment into a humorous paragraph, and becoming someone else has become a solution of resolve prejudice and relieving emotions. The decommissioning show is rooted longitudinally downward, but the performance form is expanding horizontally.

In this season, in addition to Wang Ju’s music and detachment show, there is also a "meat animal", and Wang Jianguo, Zhang Bo Yang’s model, Yangbo’s "Chinese version" One-Liner and other diversified performance forms.

In the finals, "meat animals" big wood is absent, but swaying has brought a complete model showing a complete model, which is moving; Zhou Qiku’s championship show show, imitating Yang Bo’s One-Liner style, degree The whole game is hilarious and standing and applauding. Yang Bo’s film is awkward: "It is like me!" "The Drop Show" continues to integrate into the form of innovation, bring surprises and freshness to the audience, and accumulate energy for the industry. Whether it is confusion in the workplace, psychological problems or gender relationships are precise insights on "human life" in contemporary youth life. The program focuses on real life, letting content creation of realistic soil, continuously nano and broaden the stage, showing a strong vitality in the form of comedy language.

Tencent video in the traditional track steadily, through the IP of the "Drop Show", the IP continues to output quality content, advocating the active positive values, and also built a bridge of cultural loop spread. Reporter Yang Lianjie.