[Health Decoding] What is the window we can give your child "Eye"?

In recent years, with the popularity of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, excessive use of eyes, use eye is not hygienic, lack of physical exercise, etc., China’s children’s near-vision is high, and it is constantly climbing.As our parents and teachers, can we give children to "Eye" (love), protect the windows of their soul?Listen to the experts together![Introduction to the column] "Health Decoding" is a large-scale original health science video section of Xinhuanet.Pay attention to the public’s awareness and advocate health wisdom.The column invites the major three-level hospitals, authoritative institution experts to record, from a healthy lifestyle, disease premature diagnosis, health misunderstanding, scientific health knowledge and other perspectives, easy and humorous, deep and simple.

Each episode shows that the mystery of the three-dimensional animation and studio recording, all-round, stereotypely, the programs are short and delicate, which makes people get practical, scientific health knowledge in fragmentation, and is useful.