Tibet Zanda County Education Bureau implements "I do practical things for the masses" in three major measures

Since this year, the Zanda County Education Bureau of Ali has intensively combined with work, and insists that the new era civilization practice volunteer service activities will be closely combined with the practice of party history, "I do practical things for the masses", and tightly educate people’s satisfaction. To practice the fundamental tasks of Lid Tree people, implement education and Huimin practical things with three major initiatives, and strive to have a satisfactory education. Improve the conditions of running schools and improve the level of education. Adhere to the important content of the "I do practical things to do for the masses" will be improved, and promote the solution of the school-run school, highlight the basic conditions of the township schools, and improve the centralized heating of grassroots schools, and completed various infrastructure maintenance construction. Investing in about 8.46 million yuan, let education real benefits.

Up to now, the number of 5 schools in the county improved the renovation project, 2 kindergartens safety drinking water construction projects, 6 township school new material heating facilities construction projects have been completed.

In particular, the completion of the grassroots school heating and construction project has been put into use, and Zha County has become the only county in the Ali area to achieve the concentrated heating of grassroots schools.