The province’s public security organs investigate 422 cross-border gambling cases

Always keep strictly strict management of high-pressure hustle preservation of 422 public security organs to investigate cross-border gambling cases, cross-border gambling seriously endanger the legitimate rights and interests of the people, seriously endangering economic security, social stability.

The reporter learned from the press conference held on November 12th, in April 2020, the province’s public security organs have resolutely implement measures such as "severe blow, effective management, punishment, and comprehensive policy", always keep strict strictness The management is strictly giving high pressure, and it has achieved significant phased results.

Up to now, there are 422 cross-border gambling crimes, and 234 platforms such as net gambling, payment and other platforms, freeze seizure, and collapsed the recovery capital billion. The province’s public security organs have highlighted strikes, insist on opening the way, actively launch all relevant units, departments, comprehensive collection, combing, investigate involving gambling cases, and in-depth research, master cross-border gambling criminal activities trend and trend, for blow Governance provides support.

At the same time, it highlights strict management, insists on guarding the defense, comprehensive management, and in-depth development of gambling, stroke, strict management work, total investment, and blocking more than 200 people, to report more than 1,300 public security organs Bar, effectively block gamblers gamble channels.

  In order to create a strong atmosphere of ban gambling, the province’s public security organs also promote the "refusal cross-border gambling" social publicity and education into the community, enter the countryside, enter the enterprise. Enter the factory and enter the school. At the press conference, the Provincial Public Security Department combines the current cross-border gambling case, combing four forms of common cross-border gambling, ie the online overseas gambling, regular online gambling platform, gaming WeChat group, "running" platform, prompt The masses have recognized the essence of cross-border gambling "Ten gambling ten liar", "ten gambling ten losses", and further improve financial security awareness.

The masses can be accepted through the Ministry of Public Security to hit the cross-border gambling comprehensive report platform, and actively report the case information involved. On March 1 this year, "The Criminal Law Amendment (11)" of the People’s Republic of China is officially implemented, and cross-border gambling will first write into criminal law. This marks further increase in the fight against cross-border gambling. The province’s public security organs will also always maintain a high-voltage striker for cross-border gambling crimes, and intend to organize cross-border gambling and use the network to open casinos and other illegal crimes.

(Reporter Liu Le) +1.