The herders have steadily increasing the development of animal husbandry in Yushuya Town, Beijing Shijingshan District

In September, Golden Autumn, it is called how much water is blue, yak is in group.

At the Qinghai Town, Yushu, Qinghai, said that the animal husbandry is the pillar industry here, which is based on breeding cattle, sheep and horses.

In recent years, every village in Qingshuihe Town has established cooperatives, promoting scientific, standardized animal husbandry management models, and the integrated business model of livestock products is gradually forming.

Since 2018, Beijing Shijingshan District collective asset supervision office has organized a relationship with the poor village of Qingshuihe Town, actively raising helping funds, highlighting project poverty alleviation and industrial hematopoietic integration, government guidance and social participation in combination, The initial work together, the local system is developed, and the industrial poverty alleviation development plan is developed, and the animal husbandry industry is vigorously developed.

In 2018 to 2019, the ecological livestock farming expansion project was established in Zhaha Village, Zhazi Village, Hongqi Village, and Wenzu Village, including Yak 321, and 555 sheep. Tractor 5, etc .; 2020 completed the development of the industrial pastoral and poverty alleviation workshops of the poor village in Qingshuihe Town, including the construction of an epidemic prevention type 26 column, 49 three-wheel tractor, 9 transport cars, more than 200 moving tents and Animal products integrated poverty alleviation workshop, 5 projects have been activated by 8.56 million yuan.

Through industrial projects, it is constantly stimulating Shuihe Town to achieve sustainable economic power, helping Qingshuihe Town to win the poverty battle. In order to protect the local ecological environment, promote the sustainable and healthy development of animal husbandry, and the herders carry out the four seasons, and every three months will turn to another pasture.

Nowadays, there is a new tent, and there is a tractor. When the herdsmen turn back to the grass, they will save a lot of strength and time. The herders will live in the autumn pasture for three months. They will move back to the village before they enter the winter. The livestock sheds, livestock sheds and pre-reserves in the cooperative will ensure that the animals are safe.

Yak grows in high altitude, there is no industrial pollution, more blue sky white clouds, pure ecological environments, the higher the sea level, the better the meat of yak. Qingshuihe Town is called the highest level of townships in many counties, with an average altitude of 4,500 meters.

The yak meat here is delicate, delicious. The Qingshuihe Town Government will develop animal husbandry as a pillar industry to explore the complete industrial chain of implementing feeding, processing and sales integrated.