Yishan Water Environment, USA, Jiangxi Yingtan, the largest people’s livelihood project resettlement point

People’s Daily NaiChang November 15th, before recently, Yingtan Huashi Resettlement Project of Yingtan Huashi Resettlement Project in China Aneng Second Bureau was completed.

Under the aerial photography, resettlement point is soaked in the mountains, and the environment is beautiful. It is reported that Jiangxi Yingtan City Huadi Water Conservancy Project is a major water conservancy project included in the "13th Five-Year" water conservancy development plan, which is based on water supply irrigation, combined with flood control, and integrated efficiency such as power generation.

Yingtan Huashi Water Conservancy Hub Resettlement Project is the largest people’s livelihood project in Yingtan City. It mainly has three resettlement points of Wenwang, Huang Si, Taiyuan. The immigrant resettlement point of China and Wenshi Town is a largest placement point. On the south side of the town, the north is close to the Langshi Town, the south, and the east is facing 1377 households, and 4 village committees will be built. The resettlement point of the resettlement site is designed for two and more small villas, single-door, accounting for about 100 square meters per household, with a building area of ??about 260 square meters. A building is missing, with the surrounding Gulan Mountain, the vast water, the vast Luotang River, which poses a harmonious and beautiful picture.

(时雨, Xu Yinghua, Hao Yonghui).