Xuzhou improved the level of urbanization and promoted 30 central towns

Xuzhou, located in the border of Su, Lu, Yu, and Anhui Province, is the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone.

In recent years, under construction, "Strong Fumegao" new Xuzhou, Xuzhou adheres to the powerful engine of urbanization as promoting development, actively constructs "1530" urban system, continuously improves urban and rural development integration level, regional center city status Further consolidation, 5 county-level medium urban hardware facilities and software management synchronization increase, 30 key center towns. "Day is more blue", "water clearer", "land is more green", "road is more smooth", "Cheng more 靓" five major action plans, further highlight the urban characteristics of Han Feng Chu Yun and North Xi. Xuzhou vigorously enhances the happy people’s livelihood, and has a good job of doing good people, especially the transformation of more than 3,200 million square meters of shantytown implemented in the city since 2008, and become the most satisfactory project of the people. At present and in the next week, Xuzhou will adhere to the fast, good and fast development oriented, highlight the "three major" faucet status, focus on the upgrading of industrial transformation, accelerate urbanization, and build a big breakthrough in Xuzhou. (Photo provided by Xuzhou Construction Bureau)  (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.