Xining City, Chengbei District, large market contradictions and disputes joint mediation

On the same day, the propaganda department of Chengbei District Committee of Xining City is the same, the contradiction between the Public Security Bureau of the Chengbei District Committee, District Court, District Justice Bureau, and the "Magnifier Mechanism" work launching ceremony in the Qingnong Market Public Security Police Station Hold.

At the launching ceremony, the Chengbei District Public Security Bureau, the Judicial Bureau signed the "Fengqiao" judicial office "Fengqiao" Public Security Police Station, governed the joint construction cooperation, and issued a book to the full-time people.

The joint adjustment mechanism is based on the "public security judicial lead, collective merchants, and commercial enterprises, focusing on" conflicting disputes in the market, solving in the market "goal, focusing on mediation of public security disputes and civil disputes.

Through the joint adjustment mechanism, the maximum guarantees "safe, the service is not short-service, the contradiction is not over", and the masses have got to gain feelings and happiness.

Next, Xining City, Chengbei District Mediation Work will adhere to and develop a new era of "Fengqiao experience" North District, will resolve contradiction disputes in the grassroots level, solve the state of sprouting, and adhere to the people to do practical things, do a good job, and build an ecology Lifeliang North District, "Double Creative" gathering area makes greater contribution! (Source: Fanyun Building, Propaganda Department, Chengbei District Committee, Xining City) (Editor: Ganhai Qiong, Ma Shengnan).