When the user faces the parcel, the courier is "home delivery"?

  "I bought it in the future." Recently, a courier in Shanghai stepped on the user, while slap such a "话". According to daily economic news, the courier sent the express delivery of Ms. Song’s express delivery, but also asked her husband to go to the neighbor’s home to retrieve express.

After the communication between the two parties, Ms. Song chose a complaint.

The next day, the courier finally came to the door, but took the "delivery" way on the ground.

  Express delivery is wrong, it is the business mistake of the courier, asking to sign the legal rights of Ms. Song. Even if the courier cannot be delivered to the door in time due to the heavy task and other reasons, you can actively communicate, explain your own difficulties, seek proper solutions.

Say that this is not much bigger, as long as it is patient, the user will not be ignored.

The courier uses the way to use the broken wrap, but not only cause the user’s property losses, but also intensified, enlarge the contradiction between the two parties.

This extreme behavior reflects the lack of professional literacy and the weak legal awareness.

  In recent years, the express complaint has caused a lot of conflict.

Among them, there is a general port angle friction, and there is also harassment, and even serious personal injuries. Previously, users had harassed by the complaint courier because of the "calling you", be beaten by the courier, and it was encountered in the room. The reason why the courier will be so tight about complaints, intentionally, and platform companies, and sub-package sites. Since the complaint record and the performance of the work performance are "one day white dry", the courier is easily out of control due to the customer’s bad review, will be dissatisfied to the user. Extreme events have repeatedly occurred, but also deepened users’ concerns about complaints. Considering the courier to master the privacy information such as your name, the phone, the family house number, and the express delivery industry will take a plurality of discharge mechanisms. In order to prevent the combination of retaliation, even if you encounter a shipment, you will not send the door, etc. "Many people will sigh" "It is too difficult to receive a courier", and I don’t dare to give bad reviews. This "either silent, either broke out", violates the original intention of service evaluation mechanism, is not conducive to the health and orderly development of the express delivery industry. In this regard, the platform also needs to be used, with more scientific, more humane institutional design, properly solve the user’s complaint.

  Optimize the evaluation mechanism design, first change the "one penalty" processing mode. Many couriers have complained that the delivery of the user can not be open, the existence of "malicious bad review" caused by the uncle door is difficult to enter, and they will have a bitterness in the whole day.

If this kind of grievance cannot express, long-term backlog, it is easy to cause the courier to treat work.

  When the platform is handling the user complaint, the pattern should not be taken, but to make a clearance through the investigation, it will be handled in terms of discussing. At the same time, the platform should also listen to the courier’s opinion, and focus on the objective work plug, so that the delivery process is more smooth.

In doing so, it can make the courier work more calmly, even if it is punished, "my heart is oral", it can also make user appeals to be properly handled. In terms of in-service training and violation penalties, the platform cannot be perfunctive, and there is a part.

It is to know that the courier represents the company’s image. Many netizens said that after the bad delivery experience, it will "pull" this platform in the heart.

If the platform is not in the training mode, service attitude, emotional management, etc.

After all, users can’t see a company business training and violation punishment, and also feel the quality of the service, and know "vote with feet."