Zheng Puang New District promotes credit system construction to strengthen "double publicity" work

In order to implement the national development and reform committee on the publicity of the administrative license and administrative punishment information, further enhance the "double publicity" report rate, compliance rate and timely rate of the new district, and deploy according to the city’s credit office, and the new district will take advantage of the credit system. "Double Public Notice" works.

Hold the work scheduling meeting, introduced relevant documents, formulated a special person coordination, the working mechanism of the relevant departments, strict implementation of "Who is reported, who is signed, who is responsible", and works well. Further convey the implementation of the province’s "Double Public Notice" work, inform the "double publicity" work of the municipal sector, there is a problem and process in the "Double Public Notice" information collection sharing, and urge each department to seriously Implementation is the spirit of credit-related conferences, strictly implement the "double publicity" data standards and payment time limit requirements, and further improve the accuracy of "double publicity" information, timely rate.

Consolidating credit information sharing publicity work, the department that produces "Double Publicity" information, implementing the special person to report the administrative license and administrative punishment information, and is responsible for the timeliness, comprehensiveness and accuracy of publicity information, and ensure that the "double publicity" information should be publicized Dedicated. In the third quarter of 2021, the new district accumulated the "Double Public Notice" information publicity 706, the compliance rate is 100%, no delay, leaks, etc. Next, the new district will continue to adhere to the target orientation and problem-oriented, and strictly follow the national "Double Public Notice" to collect data, while summing up the experience and lessons of this work, and carry out the "Double Public Notice" information publicity work, improve Information sharing publicity quality.

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