Sichuan Chengdu has no new diagnosed cases, local confirmed cases, the association is clearly in the same spread chain.

People’s Daily November 11th (Wang Bo) According to the Sichuan Health Committee, November 10th, 0-24, Sichuan has no new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis, 1 case, 1 case, no new Suspected cases, no new death cases. As of 24:00 on November 10, there were a total of 1 high-risk areas in Sichuan Province, and 12 medium-risk areas were in Chengdu. The rest of Sichuan Province is a low risk area. According to the news of Chengdu Health Committee, as of 24:00 on November 10, the total number of local confirmed patients in Chengdu was 24 cases and 0 cases of asymptomatic infection.

At present, Chengdu has been settled in a high-risk area, which is Chenghua District (1): The West District of the Polytechnic.

There are 12 in the medium-risk areas, which are Jinjiang District (2): First Chuangzi No. 1 Community, Blu-ray · Kaili Xiangjiang Community; 郫郫 区 (2): Xipu Tianzhu Community, West-gun Lingting Community B District; Chenghua District (2): Huafu Shahe Community, Xingyuan Huasheng Phase II; Jinniu District (1): Hefei Shui’an Huijing Community (Phase I, Phase I); High-tech Zone (2): Poly Lily Garden Community, Champs Elysee International Phase II Community; Eastern New District (1): Jinji Village 1 Mei Shu Street No. 354 to Yumin Street 14; Xindu District (1): Sanhe Jiayuan Community; Dujiangyan City ( 1): No. 27 Guangming Street, No. 29 Guangming Street, No. 65 Guangming Street. Jincheng, director of the Chengdu Health Committee, introduced the press conference of Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Work last night. Since the incubation period of new crown viruses is generally 1-14 days, the isolation personnel that have been controlled in the previous period may still be in the isolation period. Internal abortion, but there is no activity trajectory in society after isolation, and the risk of triggering the spread of the epidemic is very low. At present, all local cases of cultural pathology in Chengdu are clear and in the same spread chain. (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.