The nation’s tax system, "the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission" theme education first summary and second batch deployment Conference Held in Beijing

The nation’s tax system, "the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission" theme education first summary and second batch deploy meeting September 12, 2019 in Beijing, 16: 599 on May 9, the nation’s tax system, "the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission" theme the first deployment summary and the second batch of Education meeting held in Beijing.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the meeting thoroughly study and implement a series of important instructions for launching the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education, conscientiously implement the central theme of education first summary and second batch deployment spirit of the meeting, summed up the first review of the tax system to carry out the theme of education, the mobilization of the second batch of themes education.

Central Steering Group 23 leader Chen Lei, the State Administration of Taxation party secretary Wang Jun attended the meeting.

It was noted that the theme of education to carry out since June, according to the unified deployment of the CPC Central Committee, under the guidance of the Central Steering Group of 23, the tax system is the first theme educational institutions focus the main theme, around four key measures, to be effective and orderly advance . Adhere exactly through school, and we will focus on deep study, four of education and promote learning, earnestly study and education; insist on in-depth primary research, carry out research exchanges, promote the transformation, conduct solid research; insist on airing listen to advice, benchmarking tables shortcomings , dig deep root cause analysis, examine carefully analyze the problem; adhere to project management, supervision and follow-up type and seriousness of accountability put in place a comprehensive reform, to explore a set of effective practices, the formation of a number of learning outcomes, system outcomes , practical results, learning gains in theory, the ideological and political baptized, General business dare to play, to serve the people and solve problems, be honest and clean and set an example and other aspects have made important initial results, a strong impetus with a good team, do a good tax. The meeting stressed that the tax system do a good job the second batch of themes on education in the party strictly an extension of the tax system to promote grass-roots, grass-roots party organizations to promote the overall progress of overall excellent, improve tax administration cohesion of combat, promote tax reform and development has a very important meaning. Accordance with the central theme of education first summary and second batch deployment spirit of the meeting and guidance on the second batch of the theme of education, solidify and deepen the theme of the first batch of educational outcomes and carry out the second batch of good education theme.

First, a thorough grasp of the central spirit.

Fully grasp the "Shou beginning of the heart, Tam mission, shortcomings, carry it out," the general requirements, the main theme focused, firmly grasp the goals and tasks, to resolutely carry out the "four in place" to ensure the realization of the "five phrases" goal. Second, grasp the focus. Focus on the city, county bureau leadership groups and leading cadres, to promote integration through four key measures; to the party branch as a unit, relying on the "three will be a lesson," the theme party day activities, leading ordinary party members to participate actively in the theme of education, effectively play the role of grassroots party organizations positions, pushing the theme of education to go to go real deep. Three is the tax characteristics.

According to the central requirements, combined with the actual tax, and carry out Party building leading tamping the foundation, cramped great service development, to serve the people and solve problems, the Director-General entrepreneurial courage to play, deepen "four" active force, transforming the results to seek ideas and other "six action" to enhance the overall effect of education theme.

Fourth, focus on the work of co-ordination.

City, county bureau leadership with other party members and leading cadres to be classified Shi policy, co-ordination in hand, the theme of education and work to the depth of integration, had balances, the first batch, the second batch of themes through education should be linked, one to promote with the effectiveness of inspection work theme educational outcomes. The meeting called for the nation’s tax system to effectively enhance the sense of mission to strengthen the organization and leadership.

To compaction leadership responsibility, tax authorities, at all levels should carry out a second batch of themes education as an important political task and fulfill the main responsibility for the education theme firmly in their hands.

To strengthen the supervision and guidance, implement the "grabbed two, grasping deeper," Administration, the provincial bureau leadership team take the lead in strengthening research to guide, tour guide group formation, tracking check advance.

To adhere to an union, the initiative to report to communicate to the relevant departments and local party committees, arrange theme improve education, support for guidance. To guard against formalism, and resolutely overcome formalism issues that may arise, focusing on practical results.

Chen Lei said in his speech, SAT party committee conscientiously implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the theme of education "four place" important instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the deployment requirements, with a high ideological consciousness, political conscious, conscious action, strengthen organizational leadership, careful arrangements arrangements, the tax system of the first theme of education achieved significant results.

To persistently strengthen the theory of armed, continued in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics, in particular the implementation of the rectification do a good job from start to finish special work, adhere to the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," as the eternal subject, the subject of lifelong, self the revolutionary spirit of strengthening Party building, constantly consolidate and expand the first theme educational outcomes. To pay attention to grasp the overall requirements of the theme of education, highlighting the focus, strengthen guidance, to solve outstanding problems, adhere to open the door to engage the theme of education, implement the main responsibility to do a good job the second batch of good style theme of education to ensure that tangible results. The meeting was held in a video form.

SAT party member, Chang Yu Chun-sheng presided over the meeting, the Central Steering Group 23 and Lu Peijun, deputy head of the comrades, the Central Steering Group tour 11 comrades, SAT leadership team members, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in State Administration JISC discipline Monitoring group members and cadres, Vice-level party cadres above the General Administration of organs, the General Administration of each tour guide team leader, deputy head of the participants in the main hall. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Inland Revenue Department, the General Administration of Special Commissioner’s Office in the country, sub-provincial cities and the Inland Revenue Department deputy division level and above units directly under the Party members and cadres; cities, counties, the Inland Revenue Department leadership team members and departments, Taxation Branch (tax the) party responsible comrades around the venue participants.