Yangzhou: Tax and fee promotion, commercial aircraft carrier

[] "Summer holiday is the sales season of Golden Eagle New City Center, we haven’t thought of a lot of ingredients before, and did not want a epidemic to operate the ‘Pause button’, but also to give us Reduces the rent during the epidemic, alleviate our merchants’ rented pressure, help us to pass the difficulties.

"Xue Pengcheng, who operated a sushi shop in the fourth floor of Yangzhou Golden Eagle New City Center, said. Yangzhou Golden Eagle New City Center is a large-scale urban complex integrating" shopping catering + entertainment and leisure ", with a business area of ??200,000 square meters, 300 Yu house merchants gathered here. Under this round of epidemic, passenger flow and marketing fall into the "ice point", and most merchants face the dilemma of temporary closed stores. The mall during the epidemic is shut down, causing the stage of shopping malls. Difficulties. Many of the rental stores in the mall are facing downtime, the predicament of goods, especially those in the fields such as catering, theater and other fields are more affected. "These merchants bear great business pressure, but also facing the dilemma.

We are willing to help them share the difficulties.

In preliminary estimation, we rely 3.2 million yuan for 200 households. "Yangzhou Golden Eagle New City Center Finance Manager Yan Yihua said that the reason can be done, because the tax department is a series of tax reduction policies to our focus and confidence.

  Since this year, the State Administration of Taxation Yangzhou Jiangdu District Taxation Bureau has been based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, and accurately implement the tax and fee preferential policy, actively docking the recovery reducing enterprises, and regularly combing meetings, but there may be no tax and fee preferential policies. List of taxpayers, taking a telephone reminder for the list of taxpayers to track services.

"According to local government insurance, stabilize, urge development related policy requirements, we quickly serve the list of companies in the list, to reduce rent, property costs, property costs, based on Golden Eagle, approved the property tax Give a 3 month taxable amount to help them get rid of the stage of staged operations.

"The tax bureau of the Jiangdu Taxation Bureau said. It is understood that the implementation of the preferential policy will give the property tax to the Xinzhou Golden Eagle New City Center." We freely rent for the merchant, the tax department gave us a reduction, this is one Needle ‘strong intensive agent’. At the moment, the customer in the mall is endless, and the catering service industry has recovered in the past. This year, the National Day Gold Week we achieved a turnover of 97 million yuan and has returned to the top 70% of us. In the third quarter, we had confidence and all merchants to play a beautiful turn! "The Manager of Yan Yihua is full of future development.

(Han Hongxiang).