When the people of the people, "Key Night" is the goal of his efforts

"I took the lead, I went first" On June 22, 2019, Huichuan suffered a big heavy rain, and some areas are serious and the danger is constantly.

Among them, the Gaoping Street has the greatest disaster, and Chen Jin rushed to Gaoping Street Office to guide the fire fighting and disaster relief.

In the face of floods that have not retired, the interrupted signal, the muddy street, Chen Jin said: "I took the lead, I will go first.

"That night, Chen Jin’s clothes did not wet, wet and dried, all night did not stop, rushing to the command office and the front line of the disaster, commanding the emergency rescue team to rescue.

Until the flood returned, he returned to the office to rest.

After the weather improved, he still didn’t go home, but led the global cadres and workers to deeply undergoes all affected points, visiting the people, checking, and taking advantage of difficulties, and actively resolving difficulties encountered in anti-flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction. On March 23 this year, Huichuan District entered the flood season, the overall deviation of local climate conditions, and more regional heavy rain.

On May 29, Huichuan District launched the emergency response of flood control IV.

On June 12th, there was a heavy rainfall in Huichuan District.

Chen Jin continued to fight in the front line of flood control work, timely understanding rainfall, predicting the precipitation process and taking measures in advance. He led the generals of all cadres and staff of the Emergency Administration to overcomes less staff, and the workload is equal, and the work is dotted every day. He insists on daily consultation, and timely develops the latest precipitation information, dispatting the information of the affected area, and reports the disaster report in time, and created the new situation of the scientific and rapid flood relief of Huichuan District.

"It is necessary to build emergency management, keep in mind their responsibilities and mission. In the journey to practice the ideal journey, write a new chapter of their own emergency management life.

Chen Jin said.