Welcome to the rain, snow, frozen weather, Harbin New District, all walks of life, adhere to the first line of people’s livelihood

According to Zhang Yongsong, deputy director of the Property Heating Management Office of Songbei District, against cooling, blizzard warning, district heating office has been made in advance, and the snowfall is not arriving, the new district heating pipe network is a net water temperature has been Increased to 80 ° C, the returning temperature reached 40 ° C to 50 ° C, which strongly guaranteed the warm room of the residents.

There is also a new district power supply department.

"We immediately developed an emergency plan immediately, and prepared all resources that were able to deploy, and 10 repaired small teams composed of more than 100 repair teams on November 5th were ready to stand.

Luo Jiwei, the secretary of the party branch of the Harbin New District Power Supply Company, said that after the disaster occurred, these rescue players quickly rushed to the front line, saving the fast recovery power supply. Coordinating the linkage of the championships, clearing the ice and snow The main street road of Jiangbei Integration District has been cleaned up, all the way is smooth, and the Qing ice and snow army has "transfer" back to the street, which is beneficial to the precision of the urban management law enforcement department.

On November 8th, the new district urban management law enforcement department was dispatched to clean the road on the night, while disposing for the pavement, flat crossing, and the residual ice surface, "Snow Lion", excavator for ice-breaking treatment. On the morning of November 9, the new district urban management law enforcement department adjusted the clear ice and snow operation mode, with a forklift and artificial assistance to clean the roadside, accelerate the cleaning people, and cross the street Tianqiao, bus stop, and the subway station, so that the public will travel safely.

On the afternoon of November 9, the new district urban management law enforcement department reasonably dispatched personnel and machinery, the first time the main work of the main street has been completed, and quickly eliminates the impact of this snowfall on the main street road.

As of 10, at 17:00, the area dispatched 10,000 people, 350 rolled vehicles, 50 hairdryer, 221 forklifts, 94 operation vehicles, more than 1,100 Take the snow car, pull more than 10,000 Taiwan.