Troubleshi Wiehevien with Finnish Speech

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 9, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman Su Ji Bang at the Beijing Great Hall of the People in the Beijing Great Hall of the People, with the Finnish Speaker Weihevien. In the lake and promotion of the Chairman of Xi Jinping and the President of Neniso, Zhongfen established a new partnership for future partnerships.

The heads of the two countries have been closely communicated, indicating the direction for bilateral relations and friendly cooperation under the new situation. China is willing to work together with Fenfen, continue to strengthen exchange cooperation, and promote the continuous development of Zhongfen relations. The laser war book pointed out that maturity and robust Zhongfen relations comply with the common interests and expectations of the people of the two countries. I hope that the two sides continue to strengthen political mutual trust, always adhere to the mutual respect, equal treatment, seeking to deposit, cooperation, and consolidate the political foundation of bilateral relations healthy development.

Expanding pragmatic cooperation in various fields, expanding cooperation in trade investment, information communication, energy-saving and environmental protection, and epidemic, steadily promoting interconnection, promoting the construction of "a belt all the way".

Deepen human exchange, consolidate the friendship between the two peoples.

Winter sports cooperation is an important aspect of Humanities in Zhongfen. Next year, the New Chinese delegation participated in the 70th anniversary of the Olympics in Finland. Welcomes Finland delegation to participate in Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the long run, the Zhongfen Legislature has been closely friendly. China’s national people are willing to strengthen exchange cooperation with the Finnish Parliament, and make a positive contribution to the continued health development of the relations between the two countries. Maintain high-level interaction, deepen the special committees, friendly groups, representative communication between Members. Learn each other to learn from legislative, supervision and governance, timely approval, revise or introduce legal documents that are conducive to bilateral relations development, provide a rule of law. Strengthen coordination cooperation in multilateral occasions to promote common development.

The laser book introduces the relevant situation of China’s people’s congress system.

He said that democracy is the common value of all human beings. It is necessary to solve the problems that the people need to solve, and there is a variety of ways to achieve democracy, and it is impossible to be a thousand.

China will adhere to the system of the people’s congress, and continuously develop the people’s democracy in the whole process. In various policies and work practices in governing the country.

Wayhevene said that Fenzhong has a long-term friendly history, and the two countries have established new partnerships for future new partnerships in 2017.

Last year, the two sides celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations.

Finland will actively participate in Beijing Winter Olympics and look forward to achieving good results.

The Finnish Parliament is willing to strengthen exchanges with China National People’s Congress to promote pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in economic development, free trade, fighting epidemic, green transformation, climate change, and winter sports.