Subway Line 2 Vehicle Completed assembly, static debugging first "Tianjin" unmanned subway offline

Photography Wang Tao Tianjin Northern Network News: Designed by Zhongqi Changchun Track Bus Co., Ltd. .

This is the unmanned subway in Tianjin’s first localized production manufactured. Tianjin Metro Line 6 is a high-end intelligent project in the field of rail transportation equipment. The shutdown vehicle is a smart subway train with intelligence, green, safe, and comfort, which utilizes the world’s top automatic Unmanned technology, using lightweight A-type aluminum alloy body, filled the gap in the manufacturing industry of urban rail vehicles in our city.

  The technology and management experience accumulated during the project promotion process, in order to promote the realization of local cars, local creation, local repair targets. Tianjin Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman asked HD, said that in 14th, we followed the rail transportation and development plan of Tianjin and Binhai New District, and strive to build Tianjin electric locomotive as a railway transportation equipment industry park. (Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).