Wuchang Public Security: The example leads to enter the road to loyalty to the police soul dedicated to the people

The century-old journey is magnificent, and the end of the year is a long time. Extraordinary journey, wind cloud, the Chinese Communist Party always has the heart of the Chinese people, with the same breath, and a total fate.

In Wuchang District, Wuhan, there is such a group of Communist Party members: He is a young man who is retrograde in the crisis. He is a tough guy who hits the lawless elements; he has a "iron foot" that he has a secret, he is selfless. The red sincerity of the people … they have different ages, their character, but there is a common name – Wuchang public security police. Communist party members, the identity of the people’s police made them have a common pursuit, and the power is extraordinary. The party is loyal to the soul of the police, the service people are the foundation of the police. For a long time, Wuchang Public Security adheres to political approves, give full play to the advanced model role, gathering the police camp to see the sizzling, advocating model, striving for a strong powerful energy, promoting Wuchang public security, letting the party rest assured, let the people Satisfactory high quality public security iron army. Police worry forward "to the party" to the party is loyal, it is to loyalty in the heart, put the responsibility on the shoulders, put the implementation to the hand, do a good job in daily work, not negative the people. "March 18 On the day, in the large classroom of the site of the Wuchang Central Farmer Sports, the police of the public security brigade of Wuchang District Public Security Bureau Zhang Jiaqiang said. In 1983, Zhang Jiaqiang, 20-year-old, participated in public security work. On August 26th, Zhang Jiaqiang, who is internship in Xujiaji, fights in criminals who have killed people in dangerous drugs, and heroic and negative injuries. In September of the year, he was awarded the title of "National Public Security System Level Level".

In the peace year, the public security team is a team with sacrifice and dedication.

The loyal beliefs reflected in the majority of public security hero models, the spirit, the heroic spirit is a true portrayal of the great spirit of the Chinese nation.

Time flies, Zhang Jiaqiang has changed from the young guys in Wuchang Police Camp into a pro. Standing in the old site of the agricultural lecture, Zhang Jiaqiang, 37th, said: "Through visiting learning, I feel the firm belief in the ‘revolution is higher than the sky,’ Dare to teach the day and month to change the new day ‘era,’ 利The country is life and death with ‘heroic will … "On the same day, the Wuchang Public Security Warning Police representatives came to the Chinese Communist Party Discipline Construction History Exhibition Hall, Wuchang Central Farmers Sports Instrument, visited the red footprint, revisit the party oath, Zhang Jiaqiang The speech arrested an applause. Today, Zhang Jiaqiang still keeps walking every day, and it is advised to maintain the order in the jurisdiction. The police emblem shines, and it is unswerving.

Since this year, Wuchang Public Security has conducted in-depth study of party history and building teams with party construction. Based on the party committee theory learning center group as the leader, the grassroots party organization, the global upper and lower pair of delegation insisted on the principle of the original law of the original.

Organize Party Branch Secretary and Party Members Representatives to visit and learn from a number of red education bases, and further take the thoughts of the whole police to hear the party command, loyal mission. The bloody loyalty and public security "" always did not forget the beginning of the police, there must be perseverance in work, treat the people.

"In the police station of Wuchang District Public Security Bureau, the voice of Liu Jun, who has passed the teacher Liu Jun. Whenever I turn to him, he will always take advantage of the work gap and experience the experience of the police exchange of the people. In 1994, when Liu Jun broke into the room, Liu Jun broke into the room, and he kicked the suspect’s control equipment to capture it; in 2018, in the face of fire, he didn’t care, Out; in 2014, he took the initiative to go to the African Liberia to implement peacekeeping tasks, which was awarded the United Nations Peace Honor Medal; in September 2020, he was awarded the title of "National Public Security System Second Hero Model". "Try me, see me.

"This is a 32-year-old party to Liu Jun has been working in work. In his opinion, as a party member, we should play a model lead; and as a party member police, it should always engage in the people. The first line of the masses safe.

The loyalty guards of the party and the people are the affection for flowing in the blood. Party members’ police play the role of demonstration, courage to be a pioneer, fight, and temper the party in actual combat.

One of the party committees of the Wuchang District Public Security Bureau played "head geese" role, sinking first line, just as a commander, as a combatator, incentive to hold the overall responsibensity, adhere to the active security, active attack, and actively carry out summer security action, Promote anti-defense to promote peace. Firmly establish "hidden danger is the accident, prevention," adhere to the bottom line thinking, effectively strengthen the public security prevention and control in the district, organize the investigation and remediation of hidden dangers, and earnestly maintain the safety and stability of the whole region.

Keep staring at the elements such as "people, land, things, things, materials, net". Since this year, organize 20 "weekly checks", inventory and rectify 2130 "five small" places, and rectify 546 safety hazards. Clear safety hazards, consolidate the safe foundation.

Thousands of hundreds of for the people’s money bags "It turned out to be aunt, I haven’t seen it for a long time, I really received a strange call, but I didn’t believe, thank you for your reminder!" One day in late May, Mr. Zhang received a Wuchang District Public Security Bureau Ziyang Road Street Police Station’s telephone. The phone is attentive, and the text is carefully reminded the common techniques of the old neighborhood telecommunications network fraud and prevention knowledge.

Mr. Zhang was originally the resident of Wuchang Uprising Community, and moved to Hanyang in 2019. Remind the telephone number of the household regimen police text, Mr. Zhang habitually called her "Fang Aunt", which is a favorite of the community police in the community. Fang Wen participated in the public security work in 1990, and in 1994, the community work was engaged in the Communist Party of China in 1998.

Over the years, she has based in the community, actively exploring the new initiatives of practical security prevention and foreign population management, and insisted on taking care of the elderly, selflessness helping the difficult people, and established a good image of the people’s police in the new era. In 2009, she was awarded the title of "National Public Security System 2 Hero Model". "Many residents have been moved away by the development and construction, but they are more familiar with me for a long time.

Introduction to the text.

In the face of telecommunication network fraud crimes that threaten the property of residents, she often calls or on the door to remind people, and they will build a publicity of the masses through WeChat group, at home preaching.

The people’s public security is the people. From the date of birth, the people’s public security is naturally assigned to the mission of serving the people. Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of public security work, adhering to the mass line is the fine tradition of public security organs, and also the war of public security work.

Surprisingly protect the "money bag" of the masses, including the direction of all Wuchang public security police in all Wuchang public security police.

Keep staring at the "case does not happen, money does not turn" goals, according to the unified deployment of the superior public security department, Wuchang public security is planning to strike, early warning, anti-fraud publicity, etc., and earnestly protect the people’s property safety.

This year, there have been 280,000 households, and more than 40 million publicity materials have been issued.

A total of more than 10,000 warning information, 4,100 times in the door, successfully intercepted more than 3,100 telecommunications network fraud, and pay more than 2.7 million yuan, frozen more than 750 million yuan.

The first day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Liu Wuqiao, is as good as the top of Zhongshan Road, and Liu Wuqiao. During the patrol, he found that two girls sat near before the booth, asked about the two people reading, the holiday came to the Han Tourism to spend money, no money home.

Liu Wuqiao immediately contacted a Hongji passenger station in the jurisdiction, free to send two people on a long-distance bus, but also give each person 100 yuan. From the Military Transportation, Liu Wuqiao participated in the public security work in 1994, in the 12 years of transportation management work in the jurisdiction of Wuchang Railway Station, more than 20,000 steps in the day, more than 20,000 steps. He accumulated more than 10 traffic violations, excluding more than 2,400 safety hazards, helping to help more than 700 difficulties, have won many honors such as "National Superior Exclusive People’s Police".

"As a party member, as a people’s police, he should be willing to work in the forever for the people." Liu Wuqiao, joined the Communist Party of China in 1992, said his words, the voice of Wuchang public security police. Since this year, Wuchang Public Security has carried out "I have implemented practical things for the masses in the whole police," I "I will strengthen service awareness," the people’s satisfaction is the fundamental standard for measuring public security work.

Since the establishment of "five on the spot" "Today, I have duty" "The" 110 police love return visit "" Two reviews of all all all in the world "," The blade of the people reflected in the masses, the self-revolution, and continuously improve the satisfaction of the masses.

Since March of this year, the masses have passed the phone, and the online message is praised more than 100 times, and the masses satisfaction increased significantly. "I volunteer to join the Chinese Communist Party, support the party’s program, abide by the party’s charter, fulfill the party’s obligation …" On June 28, a group of Wuchang Public Security Young police faced the party flag, solemnly loyal to the party, loyal to the people’s vows. Some people are on the night, some people track in the miles.

A batch of Wuchang public security police, in an ordinary position, use their actual actions, practice silent vows, and contribute their own blue power. They have a red blood, showing hard core, and internalization of the people’s interests into politicians of the police, externalization into the conscious action of the whole police, to protect the peace, determine the front, continue to work hard, effectively promote the public security work Quality development.

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