Nanming District conducts special rectification of electrical products quality

In the past few days, the Nanming District Market Supervision Administration organized the special rectification of electrical products quality, severely investigated violations, and ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property. In the work, the Law enforcement personnel of the Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau use the wire and cable, plug socket, indoor heater, charger, electric blanket, etc. to focus on professional wholesale market, shopping mall supermarket, small commodity distribution, hardware stores, etc. Comprehensive investigation, master the operation of electrical and accessory products, establish investment desk account, severely investigate and sell "three no", counterfeit others brand and 上海按摩水磨 factory name, do not meet the product standards and other electrical products and illegal activities such as unlicensed operations. During special rectification, law enforcement officers further increased publicity, on the spot, how to strictly put the quality of the purchase, how to introduce the purchase of products to the buyer, and so on.

Improve common sense and safety use precautions to the masses, and 上海郊区品茶 improve the quality and safety awareness of consumers. It is reported that since the special rectification, the Nanming District Market Supervision Bureau has dispatched more than 60 law enforcement officers, and inspects more than 80 operators, and has been investigated and investigated.

(Huang Tian Shi Xiang Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Ying Tinglin) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).