My family’s story · Elementation of the poverty "Kang Kang, happiness, well-off hand drawn video: Xiaokang," Spicy "

Guiding unit: CCM Office Network Reviews Office of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, China, China Internet Development 上海不正规浴场哪里有 Foundation, China Poverty Alleviation Magazine, Picking, Sorting, Cleaning, Packaging, Shipping … The eyes are in Weinan City, Gansu Province There are dozens of acres in the order of the order pepper in Chengxian County, less than ten acres of growers, the busy busy busy, busy orders, the whole country and overseas, stay in the home, and take care of the elderly. In addition to caring for the elderly, the child also manages the local Canto Farmers Professional Cooperative here, the 300-acre order pepper planting demonstration base is the left-behind women in the surrounding village, and the production of labor is not mistaken. His gratifying changes to women have become a "spicy girl" in 2019, local order pepper per mu, 45,000 yuan, more than 500 farmers, this year’s pepper planting has formed a large-scale local collection of processing plant procurement manufacturers, this year is another harvest this year. Year, good days are like a hot fire! "" Spicy Girl "is full of love for happiness in the 爱上海上海龙凤论坛 ancient snow and local folks. The red pepper reflects the luxury "spicy eyes".